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Eroscoin is a platform that empowers & enhances the payment systems.

Increase the efficiency, decrease the cost of money transfers and send or receive cross border payments instantly.


Quarter 2

2016 (Apr-June)

2016 (Apr-June)

- Concept Development

Quarter 3

2016 (June-Sep)

2016 (June-Sep)

- Idea Validations

Quarter 4

2016 (Oct-Dec)

2016 (Oct-Dec)

- Services & Projects Announced

Quarter 1

2017 (Jan-Mar)

2017 (Jan-Mar)

- Testing Performance of Coin

Quarter 2

2017 (Apr-June)

2017 (Apr-June)

- Coin Testnet Development Started

Quarter 3

2017 (July-Sep)

2017 (July-Sep)

- Website Launch

- ERO Token Ico

Quarter 4

2017 (Oct-Dec)

2017 (Oct-Dec)

- Initial Coin Launch

- Web Wallet

- ERO pay

- ERO Windows Wallet

Quarter 1

2018 (Jan-Mar)

2018 (Jan-Mar)

- ERO Linux Wallet

- ERO Mac Wallet

- Smart Contracts

- EROSCOIN Development

road map

Infrastructure Of EROS Payments

  • Remittance Services

  • Micro Payments

  • HVIP Payments

  • Mobile Platforms

  • Retail Sectors

  • e-Commerce

  • IT industry

  • Third party integrations

  • P2P Payment

Revolutionary Platform

Applied UI

Future-Proof Solutions To Work With The Best Available Technology.

Big data

We Bridge The Gap Between Data Management And Technology.


SSL Protected Secure & Fastest Network With Managed Ecosystem.

Open AI

Open AI Could Unlock Better Livings With Robust Technology.

No middleman

Easy Person To Person Direct Transfers Without Middleman.

Low fees

Increase The Efficiency Of Transactions With Low Fees.

No barriers

Send & Receive International Payments Without Any Third Party Involvement.

Single currency

No Fear Of Fiat Currency Exchange Rates, Use EROSCOIN For It.

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In chat instant payment feature

In chat instant payment feature to send money through self regulated smart contracts. In fact you don’t have to remember the receiver address of your friends, in short, transferring the funds is as simple as sending a message while you chat.

Micro Payment Services

Developed on the fastest blockchain network, The EROSCOIN Transactions are too much cost efficient and time saving, charges less or zero fee. Develop your own third party micro payment services with the use of EROSCOIN.

Web Wallet Services

Fully feature rich web wallet with security enabled in it. you can also use EROSCOIN web wallet for occasional commercial/non-commercial transactions, like collecting donations, rent, bills or accepting payments for such a services.

Mobile Payment Integrations

EROSCOIN provides you an innovative mobile payments processing solution that provides you the flexibility and convenience to accept credit card payments anywhere in the world. Integration with mobile platforms such as One touch payments, Person to Person payments are considered.

P2P Payment Services

Peer-to-peer payments is one of the hottest trends currently happening in the payment industry. Using EROSCOIN as P2P Payment service, it is insanely fast, free and a simple way to transfer money to another person.

Mobile Wallet

iOS & Android mobile wallet to send and receive coins. Send money to any smartphone users instantly, privately, and securely without any bank account. In order to receive the payment, the receiver must have a valid EROSCOIN blockchain address.

ICO & Crowdsale Calendar
ICO & Crowdsale Calendar

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